*UN*FAIR by AnneMMcCloy and William Blanchard 2012
*UN*FAIR by AnneMMcCloy and William Blanchard 2012

This Is William Blanchard

The Strand Gallery London July 2012

A survey of works by William Blanchard (aka Wildcat Will). Following on from shows in London, Los Angeles and Paris over the last 5 years this is the first survey of a seletion of Blanchard’s full works. Blanchard will also be showing new works comissioned for the show which continue his exploration of the semiotics of Pop culture through assemblage, reconfigured ready-mades and collage, resulting in his most impressive collection to date, including collaborations with Anne McCloy, Bad Bones and Mark Eley.



Detail *UN*FAIR AnneMMcCloy 2012
Detail *UN*FAIR AnneMMcCloy 2012


The Lebenson Gallery Paris March 2012


‘UNFAIR’ Paris is a group show by EINE, William Blanchard, Noki and Mark Eley (Eley Kishimoto) with collaborations from Le Gun & Bare Bone artists: Chris Bianchi, Harry Malt, Robert Rubbish, Neal Fox, Steph von Reiswitz, Frank Laws, Gavin Bennett and Anne McCloy with special guest artist “ARNIE”.

“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.”
William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Macbeth

Against a brooding sky of political, social and financial uncertainty UNFAIR shows works by disparate artists who exemplify Englands rich tradition of POP Art and a niche slant on society.

Neu Gallery London



Anne McCloy is BAD*  *ARTATTACK* Gavin Turk
Anne McCloy is BAD* *ARTATTACK* Gavin Turk


RED Gallery London April 2010

The exhibition concerns the creative, intrinsic and problematic relationship between Art and Object, that is our contemporary stereotype of art as object, as commodity, and of the artwork as objection, that is, as a form of protest in the most general sense. objectum - to present to the mind • to throw in the way, to present, hinder • ob- in the way, + jacere, to throw …cult_ra • cultivation, cultivate • cultus - till, cultivate, worship • k–el – to move, turn (around) …

Artists: Tony Brennan • Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly • Jackie Clark • Andrew Cooper • Thomas Draschan • Richard Ducker • Mark Hammond • Alexander & Susan Maris • Anne McCloy • Brendan Quick • Paul Sakoilsky • Geraldine Swayne • Gavin Turk

Live music and films by: Andy Collishaw (DJ) • The Dark Times Trio •
Thomas Draschan • Andy Fraser (DJ) • Princess Julia (DJ) • ‘Lady Lovely Lute’ • ‘The Light of Gonk’ •
Rex Nemo & The Psychic Self-Defenders, featuring Dr. Bombastic • Prasanth • Richard Tony

Curated by Paul Sakoilsky with  an accomanying publication containing a dialogue between Sakoilsky and Art Theorist and Writer, Mike Watson. publised by {ourhistory}



PROTEST CAN 2002-2010 AnneMMcCloy
PROTEST CAN 2002-2010 AnneMMcCloy


Freedom Bookshop and Autonomy Club London October 2010


Anarc-O-d’art and counter cultural ephemera group show.